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    2nd place in Soak Off Gel Nail Art at 2016 IBS Las Vegas Nail competition
    IBS Las Vegas Soak Off Gel Nail Art 2nd Place 2016 -- Keiko Matsui --

    Glam added another 10 awards at Canada Nail cup!
    * Mixed Media 1st Place 2016
    * Mixed Media crowd favorite 1st Place 2016
    * One Hand Gel Polish 3rd Place 2016

    Yuka Masuyama
    * Blinged 1st Place 2016
    * One Hand Gel Polish 1st Place 2016
    Yasuko Kotera
    * Fun Sculpture ( Novice ) 2nd Place 2016
    * One Hand Gel Polish ( Novice ) 2nd Place 2016
    * 3D Gel Sculpture ( Novice ) 3rd Place 2016
    * 3D Gel Sculpture ( Novice ) 2nd Place 2016
    * Blinged ( Novice ) 3rd Place 2016

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    Be my Valentine nails
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    1st place in Novice Salon Success at 2015 IBS Las Vegas Nail competition
    -- Himari Mitsui --

    2nd place in Veteran 3D nail Art at 2015 Nail Pro Pasadena competition
    -- Keiko Matsui --

    We made it !!!
    Canada Nail Cup 2015 Final Result

    Maika Kato,1st place in gel polish.
    Himari Mitsui,2nd place in mixed media.
    Liz Wee,1st in 3D gel novice & blinged novice.
    2nd in fun sculpture novice and 3rd in gel polish novice.

    Thank you for your great effort and achievement!

    1st place in Novice 3D nail Art at IBS Las Vegas Nail Pro Competition

    Nail Tech Wanted
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    La Carmina's Spooky Nails
    --- for her tri to Europe !!!

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    2012 Nailpro Competition ISSE Long Beach
    -- We made it !
    Brought two trophies back home. --

    We continuously compete in international nail competitions, striving
    to improve skills. "Glam Nail Studio" team won two trophies this time !
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    Award Winning Japanese Nail Art Nail Salon in Vancouver Area

    Glam Nail Studio is an award winning nail salon located in the Vancouver area , BC, Canada, specializing in Japanese nail art.
    Over the years we have grown with the support of our fabulous clients to become the one of the most renowned nail salons for ornamental nail art.

    We strongly recommend an appointmet in advance to avoid dissappointment.

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